With softastro.com, our objective is to give you the most straightforward approach of downloading the newest variations of the very best software - without the common too many popups or spyware and also without the poor quality software.


  • Only the best software applications, we focus on the best quality, not quantity.
  • We maintain the old variation of the program, so if you upgrade and also do not like the new version, you can always go back to the old one.
  • The URL link provided on this website is not hosted on our ain hosting server but it is directed to the official back upward website of the manufacturer.
  • All software 100% spyware and infection-free.
  • The system features filtering to allow you to only disclose free software and/or non-beta software applications.
  • Modification of logs and also technical details for download.
  • RSS feeds for all updates, classifications and private programs.
  • Maximized pages for faster surfing.
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We do not take the submission of software applications from publishers. These Website users are focused, we analyze the market application software every day for the application software options to include.