Hp Officejet Pro L7400 Complimentary Driver Download

Hp Officejet Pro L7400 Driver Download

Hp Officejet Pro L7400

Hp Officejet Pro L7400 Review

Hp Driver Printer - The L7400 has gained some summit in addition to width, every bit good every bit an extra 2kg. The unit of measurement retains a professional person hold off that suits offices. The L7400 every bit good retains the L7580's auto-duplexing unit of measurement in addition to Ethernet port, neither of which is institute inwards the less expensive L7580. Paper capacity is develop at 250 sheets, alongside an optional newspaper tray allowing for an additional 350 sheets.

Hp Officejet pro L7400 Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 multi-card reader adorns the front, supporting CompactFlash, MMC, SD, xD in addition to Memory Stick. There is no coloring LCD, in addition to users convey to transfer photos to a reckoner to thought or impress them. We would convey liked the powerfulness to impress direct from media cards, every bit institute inwards Lexmark's X9575 Professional.

The 'Scan To' characteristic institute inwards the bulk of dwelling identify in addition to pocket-sized office multifunctions is available, making total utilization of the unit's Ethernet port. Users tin initiate scanning from the L7400, direct their desired finish in addition to desired format (such every bit image, text or e-mail attachment).

The speed of printing has been improved overall. Standard draft character text documents volition impress at 24 pages per minute, a major improvement on the L7380's 22.2ppm. Printing at measure character volition deadening downwards the L7400, but it nevertheless manages an adequate 13.3ppm. Documents alongside graphics in addition to text highlights printed at 22.2ppm during our draft character test; at normal character they printed at 8.7ppm, on par alongside its predecessor's speed. Standard 4x6in photos impress inwards an average 28sec, piece A4 photos impress inwards 1min 15sec; this gives a proficient indication of the multifunction's functioning piece producing in-house marketing materials.

It appears HP has significantly improved the model's printhead: the character is far greater than its predecessor's. The L7400 remains a pitiful selection for truthful photographic character — colours are largely oversaturated, leaving exaggerated in addition to overly night colours that brand photos hold off unnatural. But for document printing, the L7400 is around becoming a truthful competitor to Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation printers. It prints clear text alongside no messiness both on white backgrounds in addition to text highlights. The character divergence betwixt the L7590 in addition to L7380 is similar a shot noticeable, peculiarly inwards regards to text. Although the L7400 does a pitiful undertaking alongside photos, coloring is accurate in addition to consistent plenty for regular business office coloring printing.

The L7400 has the same scanning resolution every bit its predecessor; it's sufficient for document scanning. However, the newer model has a surely bias towards darker images. This mightiness hold upwardly a work for photography enthusiasts.

The L7400's running costs average 9.18c per page, making it i of the around efficient printers inwards its class.

Similarity/Operating System (OS) HP Officejet Pro L7400 Support working Systems :

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Macintosh OS x
  • Linux

HP OfficeJet Pro L7400 Driver  Download

Download HP OfficeJet Pro L7400 Printer Full Software in addition to Drivers for Windows 32-bit (195,4 mb)
Download HP Officejet Pro L7400 Prin in addition to Scan Doctor for Windows 32-bit (9,2 mb)

Download HP OfficeJet Pro L7400 Printer Full Software in addition to Drivers for Windows 64-bit (285.9 mb)
Download HP Officejet Pro L7400 Basic Drivers for Windows 64-bit (285.9 mb)

HP Office Jet Pro L7400 Driver For Mac Os 10.9 (10.6 mb)    Download

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